10 Absurd Places To Travel In India!

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The Navratri festival has just ended & we just can’t get over it. The glam, charm and verve of this season brings the world full of life, Isn’t it? But, as it has come to an end, it’s time to make some Post Navratri Plans Now!

One of the best secrets to live a better life is to travel. So, it’s time to fill your life with adventures, not things. Ditch the routine & live the life you’ve always wanted!

You don’t need magic to disappear all you need is a destination and we’ve that for you.

Here’s a head start to some of the best unbelievable places to travel in India & kick your wanderlust into high gear, ASAP.

1. Dandakaranya—A Blend Of Beauty & Mythology

Image Source: Fadquip

How about a spiritual stay this season? Well, it’s an important place according to Hindu Mythology since it is considered a place where one observes penance for the bad deeds—Interesting, isn’t it? It includes parts of Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa.

2. Kodinhi—God’s Own Twins Village

Image Source: Hauntedindia

Imagine if you’re just surrounded by twins here, there & everywhere! This quaint little village in Malappuram district has the worlds highest twinning rates.

3. Pooh, Himachal Pradesh

Image Source: Alamy

Sounds funny? Yes, Of course but, it’s not Winnie The Pooh! It’s a small town in Kinnaur district. It’s famous for vineyards, apricots, almonds and grapes orchards.

4. Hide & Seek Beach Of Orrisa

Image Source: AnotherIndia

Ever heard about a beach playing Hide & Seek with the people? Yeah, it’s true. Time to bang on this Diwali and make the best use of the holidays! The mysterious Chandipur sea beach disappears from time to time depending on low and high tide.

5. Hanging Pillar Of Lepakshi Temple

Image Source: Eccetrav

The hanging pillar in Lepakshi is a magical marvellous architectural wonder to witness. ‘Lepakshi’ in Telugu means Rise Bird—Great, isn’t it? The idiosyncrasy factor is the pillar that hangs without any support & pilgrims pass thin objects to see if the claims are true!!

6. Khardung La Pass—Highest Motorable Road

Image Source: Go2India

It’s a high mountain pass in Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir. Tourists can reach to Nubra Valley through this route only.

7. Bhangarh Fort—The Den Of Ghosts

Image Source: Tripoto

It’s the best place for history buffs. The iconic buildings and remnants are the attraction seekers in every sense. It’s also said to be cursed by a wizard and is one among the top haunted places in India.

8. Witness the living root bridges, Cherrapunji.

Image Source: tourism-of-india

Perfect place for all the trekking lovers—the bridge can bear 50 people at a time & is a treat to the eyes. It also leads to a Double Decker living Root bridge in Nongriat village—perfect for a holiday destination!

9. Dhanushkodi—The Lost Land

Image Source: Commons.Wikimedia

Known as the ghost island, it’s located at the tip of Rameshwaram island. It’s the only land border between India and Srilanka!

10. Mayong—Land Of Black Magic

Image Source: Indoscopy

Located in Assam, Sorcery has been practised here over generations. Also stories of people disappearing into thin air, people turning into animals, etc have been heard. Many ancient relics of Ayurveda are also preserved in the Mayong Central Museum!

When’re you trying these places?

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