10 Amazing Places To Have Maggi In India!

When I’m alone, I remember her. Whether it’s chilly cold or rains. She never leaves me alone. Also, she makes me feel that I’m not that bad at cooking. It’s none other than..

Maggi! Maggi! Maggi

This two minute instant delight is something almost everyone grew up on!!

Everyone Loves Maggi, Right?

From being our last resort for late night cravings to our saviour in all times. Maggi never ever discourages us when it comes to innovation, taste & companionship. After all, it has been our 3 a.m friend, always!

(Of course, after your BFF!)

Chahe wo ‘Maa Ke Haath’ wali Maggi ho.. ya ‘College ke Tapri’ wali. If happiness can be defined in 2 minutes, then it’s ‘Maggi’ (*Nod along, because you know, we’re right!*)

Nearly a dozen of places & food joints in India offer their twist on Maggi recipes.

Hence, we bring to you, the places that serve the Best Maggi in India.

1. Ulhas Valley, Khandala

Don’t just make this place your fave trekking route. Instead, why not make it memorable with Maggi? A delightful dose of your fave Maggi with the magical beauty of the Ulhas Valley Whoa! Add Chai to it, for a much needed break.



2. Houseboat, Srinagar

Grab a bite amidst the spectacular locales of Srinagar with a bowl of freshly prepared yummylicious Maggi in hand. So with your fave noodles in hand, you will not only have a full stomach, but also a trip full of amazing memories in the  magnificent Houseboats.



3. Am Pm Maggi Point, Hyderabad

Who said Hyderabad is famous for ‘Biryani’. It is famous for the mouth watering biryani, but the greatness of ‘Taste Bhi, Health Bhi’ cannot be overlooked. Yes! With a variety of variations like Chicken Maggi, Egg Maggi, Fried Maggi, etc are served throughout the day. Also, if you feel hungry in the midnight, then this place is just for you!



4. Tom Uncles Maggi Point, Delhi

Decades old, this Maggi point serves delicious steaming Maggi in more than 12 different varieties. Don’t miss the opportunity!!



5. Hungry Head, Mumbai

For all the Maggi Lovers, this place is for you! Right from Bhel Maggi to Burger Maggi they have it all! It’s basically like a paradise. And with so many unique variants of our fave noodles, who wouldn’t want to be here?



6. Maggevala, Surat

A perfect hangout place at pocket friendly prices making it one of the top places to eat in Surat. And that’s just not it they serve more than 25 varieties like Chilly garlic Maggi, Chipotle Maggi, Maggi Pizza, etc. After a tiring day, it’s the best way to end the day in a spicy & a saucy note.



7. Tiger Point, Lonavala

Enjoy a munch of Maggi along with hot delicious corn bhajiya & cuddle up yourself along with your friends. Enjoy the gentle strokes of the soothing breezes in Lonavala.. don’t just let the fun moments leave you alone!



8. Sonu Ki Tapri, Nagpur

This place is famous for Chai & Maggi. They have a proper sitting area where under the trees with the stunning views of the vicinity. This Tapri has has become a fave Maggi destination where you can have Chai Pe Charcha with long conversations.



9. Khardung La Pass, Ladakh

Guys, just don’t forget to stuff yourself with jackets! With a huge number of attractions from people where even breathes freezes down, only a hot prepared Maggi and coffee can keep you going!



10. Mussoorie Road, Dehradun

Imagine a hot and yummy bowl of Maggi with the beautiful view of Dehradun city from up there. That  sounds truly magnificent with evergreen mountains + view of Doon Valley & awesome climate weather.

P.S: you’ll get the right amount of everything that serves your cravings!



Have you been here?

Did we miss your favourite Maggi-Spot?



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