10 Epigrammatic One Liners By Harvey Spector To Inspire Success In Your Life!

Heya Tribe,

2017 has come to an end & we’re about to embark on a bright new  decade, soon. So, why not make some plans to make sure 2018 turns out to be the best year ever—Of course, in all aspects!

Do you’ve such thoughts going on in your mind?

How to actually achieve your goals in life instead of just chalking them down?

How to full-fill your dreams and become a successful person?

 Well, then Suits Lawyer ‘Harvey Specter’ is the true elucidation Of Success! Trust us—He’s a shrewd, triumphant, versatile, hotshot attorney in the legal drama, Suits (And he has many fans who adore him a lot!)

It’s a series about legal eagles in a top law firm in Manhattan making millions of money & living a glamorous life—Sounds great, isn’t it?

(Well, it’s a true addiction if once you’ve seen all the seasons till now)

Guys, there’s also a book on how to be successful like him!

No wonder, his witty answers, sarcastic statements, suave looks makes him one hell of a lawyer and his one liners will inspire you to win at everything you do!!

1. Anyone can do my job, But no one can be me!

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Isn’t it awesome? Believe in yourself when life gets tough, don’t ever give up on you. Anyone can do the work, but the why you do, is what makes you different!


2. Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay!

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Keep calm & let karma finish it and what if it comes a bit late? Well, then HS believes you yourself have to make things possible. Leader or not, his personality is bound to intimidate even the best of the best. He’s capable of bending every situation according to his will, yet playing a strong moral code. Well, This guy truly redefines the term badassery!


3. I don’t have dreams, I’ve goals!

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To the point, Mr.Specter! When your dreams doesn’t let you sleep—Yes, then they’re your goals!


4. Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument!

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Impressive, isn’t it? Good sense doesn’t always lie with the loudest shouters! A single sentence spoken by a wise man is more profound than tons of words shouted by a fool!!


5. That’s the difference between you & me, you wanna lose small, I wanna win big!

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Wanna win small? No?

Wanna win big? Follow him!

Gabriel Macht is that one person with whom you would never wanna start a war of words! He’s way too sharper than a pointed pencil. This quick witted ‘Suit Superstar’ is one kickass closure for obvious reasons!!


6. Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself!

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Hell yeah! He firmly believes in hard work, but in a bit smarter way! Never give up, give your best in all situations & you’re bound to achieve your goals. Agreed, Harvey!


7. It’s going to happen, because I’m going to make it happen!

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Why to depend on others, when you know you can do it! Be clear, focused, strong headed—This determination  of you will make every way out even in the toughest of situations!


8. Never let the bullshit stress you!

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Taking stress is no way out instead, it will demotivate you. So, why not cross the toughest of ways calmly, then?


9. I don’t play the odds, I play the man!

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Well, this is again a smarter move. He truly proves that a killer attitude is the only key to success. People, are you taking notes?


10. Ever loved so much, you would do anything for them ? Well, make that someone yourself & do whatever the hell you want to do!

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Last but not the least—This one is again our favourite. His winner attitude, dedication & self confidence will make you fall for him more!


A perfect fuel for you to set out an impactful journey in your career life!

Until you get there, keep them in mind & just keep walking!

We all love Harvey Specter—Don’t we?

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