10 Essentials Every Woman Should Have In Her Bag At Work!

Hello Tribe,

Do you love your ‘Bagwati’?

Totes, Hell yeah. It carries everything you need. Right from your wallet to clips to charger to beauty essentials.

A working girl’s handbag is every girls treasure trove of all things useful isn’t it? It’s kind a saviour when you’re all engrossed in work and all you need is a little magical thing from your bag! Stock your handbag right before running out the door & you’ll be all ready for whatever life throws at you!!

Calm Down & Just Relax: We’re about to make that really, really easy!!

1. Notepad & Pen

Like you just can’t forget it imagine you’re in the middle of an important discussion & your boss asks you to jot down all your interesting thoughts & ideas during the day or even someone’s phone number at a moment’s notice if need be.

(P.S: It helps you to get more organised)



2. Sanitary Pads To The Rescue

Girls, keeping a sanitary pad handy at all times is of great use. What if, you got your chums early? Without a couple of tampons or pads in your bag. Are you kinda imagining Mother Nature to hand you her monthly gift at your convenient time? Well, never let your period surprise you at work again!



3. Beauty Essentials

We believe all women are pretty without make up. But with the right make up can be pretty powerful! Oh yes, imagine a sudden coffee or lunch date pops up in the middle of the working hours? Aah, don’t panic girls. A small pouch of beauty essentials including a small mirror, mascara, lip shade, kohl to ensure that every girl appears on point through the most hectic working hours!



4. A Pocket Perfume

Yes, it’s a must have in every girl’s handbag. It is of paramount importance for every girl to carry a body mist or roll on. Ladies, it’ll keep help you keep smelling fresh 24/7, no matter how hot it gets!



5. Power-bank and  Phone Charger

Need we explain? It’s always smart to carry a power bank or charger with you always. Eerghh, there is nothing worse than being a 10 percent by noon.

P.S: Make sure that your phone isn’t ready to clock out before you are!



6. Business Cards

It’s utmost important for every working girl to have business cards on hand to let anyone and everyone know how professional you are!!

P.S: For all the aspiring career women out there this one is for you!



7. A Box Of Healthy Snack

It’s important to keep yourself energised & your hunger in check with a healthy & easy snacks like some Diet Chips or Granola Bar. So if you have no time to grab a lunch these snacks will fill you up for a longer time!



8. And yes, some Cash Too!

Most of the places generally accept digital payments these days. But every working girl should carry some amount of cash with her at all the times which can be of great help during emergency situations!



9. Hand Sanitising Wet Wipes

Use wipes instead of hand sanitisers when you really need a good cleanse. Seriously, try it out & you’ll thank us later!



10. Mints – Oh,yes!

That’s obvious. It’s always good to have breath mints or gums. Imagine, you had Burnt Garlic Rice or Chhole Bhature in your lunch. And right after, you get a sudden call for meeting! Well, the mints will save you from the embarrassment!



We at Probedope literally have a fix for every problem. So, Make the journey to work less miserable with these bag essentials to organise & optimise your day!!

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