2017: Best Movies Of The Year, So Far.

As the monsoon is getting set to play a long innings it is going to be difficult for us to go out and do stuff that we usually do and that’s why it’s not only the season of raining but it’s also time to sit back and binge watch movies.

There has been a number of good movies which came out this year and some of them deserves your attention which they didn’t got, so today we listing down the movies which you can see in this rainy weekend.

1. Get Out

Probably one of the finest movie of 2017, Get Out is a must watch if you haven’t watched it already. Get out is not your common horror/mystery movie, it takes racism to an all new level and keeps the viewers engrossed to it till the very end.

Directed and written by Jordan Peele this movie shows racism in a way it has been never shown before. We don’t want to give out spoilers and ruin the suspense for you but do give yourself a big favour and watch this thriller which will surely blow your mind away.

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2. Logan

The wolverine series has been one of the most successful movie series of all time and Logan, the latest and the last wolverine movie that will star Hugh Jackman didn’t disappoint its fans as it took the bar to the whole new level.

Packed with some good action sequences and a captivating storyline this movie is a must watch this weekend.

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3. Raw

What happens when a vegetarian gets addicted to eating human meat? This horror masterpiece shows what cannibalism in human is all about.

A 16 year old vegetarian girl eats raw meat for the first time and soon gets addicted to eating the same. Raw is bloody, cruel and sexual but it’s a masterpiece in its own. If you’re in for something different and scary at the same time then Raw is for you.

Image Source: Indiewire

4. Hindi Medium

It might not be the best marketed and earned bollywood Movie of the year but it’s one of most beautiful and good – to – watch cinema that came out from Bollywood.

Focusing on the issue of language differences. This movie rotates around the story of hindi speaking Father and Mother trying to get their daughter enrolled in a English Medium school. The story of the movie is well written and the dialouges are on point and it succeed in pointing out the deficiencies and loopholes in the Indian education system.

Image Source: Indianexpress

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