2017: Movies to watch out

It has been a mixed year for movie lovers so far. There have been movies like Captain America: Civil War, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad and a whole lot which has rocked the box-office collections but haven’t satisfied the viewer’s when it comes to the quality of cinema. There have also been movies which not only has earned a lot but has also had the quality which a viewer expects. Zootopia, Finding Dory, Deadpool are some of those.

It has also been a year of sequels as there was addition to the Bourne series which succeeded in matching with the standards of the previous parts and gave viewers the cinematic experience which they expected to get from it.

As the year is about to end and before the calendar flips we thought it’s the right time to see what Hollywood has in store for us in 2017. It’s a year in which many of the much awaited movies are going to be on the screen, making us more excited and hopeful for a much more entertaining year.

Here are the few movies you can’t afford to miss this coming year:

  • XXX: Return of Xander Cage:

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Vin Diesel and Deepika Padukone together on the same screen and on top of it a cameo by Neymar Jr, do we need to give you more reason to watch the sequel to the 2002 blockbuster XXX?

Shot at Dominic Republic, Miami and Canada this action thriller has been awaited by the movie lovers from the long time and its set to release on 20th of   January. By looking at the trailers and the star cast it is expected to rock the theatres all over the world.

  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

Humanity is on his last stage in Washington D.C. as the sixth and the final instalment of Resident Evil based on a widely famous video game finally makes its way on the big screen. The film stars Milla JovovichAli LarterShawn Roberts, where Milla who plays Alice has a battle like never before as she along with her friends, fights to save humanity.

Fierce Action, battles with monsters and undead hordes and alliances with stars from the previous instalments of the series, all this makes this final chapter a must watch for the resident evil fans. Releasing on 27th of January, it’s sure that Hollywood is going to end the month with an evil grin.

  • Fifty Shades Darker

Genre: Drama, Romance

It’s that time of the year when your kinky fantasies will get darker as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele returns with Sequel to the very successful and sensual Fifty Shades of Grey.

Based on the book Fifty Shades Darker by E. L. James, the movie is set to release on 10th February along with John Wick 2 and The Lego Batman Movie.  Looking at the success of the first part and the book itself, it is expected to be among the highest grossing movies of the Year.

  • God of War

Genre: Action, Fantasy.

This one is for all the gamers out there, your favorite gaming experience is finally coming to the screen and we can’t wait for it already.

Based on one of the most famous games of all time the God of War series, the movie is expected to be a sure blockbuster looking at the fan following the game itself has. And if the makers can produce the movie as good as the games then we expect a thrilling mix of fantasy and action.

  • Logan

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

Marvel Comics and Hugh Jackman is back with the third movie of the Wolverine trilogy.

Focusing in the future, Logan aka wolverine tries to cope with the loss of X-Men while his heeling abilities slowly fades. Along with the help of Xavier and Laura Kinney, wolverine tries to protect the world from Nathaniel Essex.

Rumors says that this might be the last time we see Hugh Jackman in Wolverine movie and looking at the way he got success and appreciation in the prior movie we won’t be surprised if Logan gets a much higher response as the fans will love to see their favorite wolverine in action for one last time.

  • Beauty and the Beast.

Genre: Family, Fantasy

It’s the Disney fairy-tale of the year for you, sequel to 1991 Disney Movie with same title the movie features Emma Watson as Beauty, Dan Stevens  as Beast and Luke Evans as hunter.

Emma Watson (Beauty) is taken by the beast to his castle as a prisoner who despite all the fears of the place tries to Befriend with Castle staff and look beyond the beast and find the real prince inside him, while Luke who plays a hunter tries to take away beauty for him by killing the beast.

  • Power Rangers

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Yes you got it right, based on one of the most popular cartoon of once Power Rangers, this movie is one of the most awaited of the year. Sequel to 1997’s Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie it features the same superheroes from the prior one with some new additions played by a differently new cast where the school kids with supernatural powers fights to protect the world.

  • Fast 8

Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller.

The Eight Installment of probably the most loved movie series of all time “Fast and Furious” is definitely the most awaited, talked and probably will be the most watched movie of the year.

As the writer, producer and cast has never disappointed us in giving better performance everytime, we expect nothing but some really good action scenes with a fantastic story line.

April 14, 2017. See you all in the theaters.

  • Justice League

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman teams up with Aquaman, The flash and Cyborg to face Steppenwolf and also a cameo by Green Lantern, enough superheroes to pull any DC Comics fan to the theater.

Releasing on November 17 it’s going to be the last big flick of the year and by the set of the superheroes the movie has we are expecting nothing but a gigantic Box Office collection.

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