6 Bedroom Makeover Ideas You Should Try Them ASAP!

Don’t you think it has been long you’ve done a bedroom Makeover ?

P.S: Your bedroom should be about one thing and that is you!

(Time to inspire the decorator inside you—*Superexcited*)

Hello Peeps,

Everyone gets bored with their bedroom decoration sooner or later. Right?

Sad? Hungry? Upset? Planning a sleepover? Of course, bedroom is our own little cozy place where we spend our almost day—It has been your supporter in all the good and the best days! Which is why, we like to keep it cute and Prettylicious?

These DIY fresh ideas are quick and budget friendly to make your space feel like new! (which’ll not cost a Bomb, too)

1. How About Some Fairy Lights?

Who said these lights only look good in Diwali? We completely disagree to it. The more lights you’ll add, the more beautiful it’ll look! You can play with these lights by pairing them with glass jars, photo frame, mirror, etc. Trust me, feeling sad? Switch them on—LA,LA,LA Smile Please, it can pep up your mood anytime!

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2. Oh, So Unique Wallart

Want to make your room look unique? Wall arts are in trend these days. Don’t forget to match up with your room colour and you’re sorted. Plus, it will add a plenty of charisma and personality, too.

Image Source: kangowork.org

3. Silk, Satin And Fur For The Romantic Vibes

All the romantic fellas, this one is for you. For those ultimate super romantic vibes – Silk , satin and fur cushions and blankets are perfect for the luxurious feel!! If this is your style, what’re you waiting for?

Image Source: i.pinimg.com

4. Some Traditional Touch

For all the gypsy souls, it’s time to experiment with the colours. Grab your old colourful Dupattas’ or rugs and hang them randomly in the corner. Put some glittery cushions for the perfect dazzling feels!

Image Source: i.pinimg.com

5. Art Speaks A Lot

Roger that! True isn’t? A Person who is fond of art, you just cant skip this one! Frames with sayings of images that define your passion and personality are a must haves. Plus, if you’re a creative person, you can even paint on your own! Truly expressive and eye catching.

Image Source: i.pinimg.com

6. Antique Vanity Set In Vogue

Diamonds are a girls Bae—But so is vanity, too. It’s the perfect place for storing Make up, perfumes and what not? Additionally, if you can put on some white bulbs will also make you truly feel like a celebrity!

You can also keep a theme based set matching with your room—it’ll add a punch factor. Perfect, simply love it!

Create your own personal style by adding your taste which’ll give your room flavour and creativity!

Image Source: i.pinimg.com


What’ve you recently done to give a quick makeover to you room?

Follow these tips to adorn your room and get going!


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