6 Best Web Series You Need To See Right Now.!

Caution: You’ll Get Addicted!

Hello Fellas,

Are you bored with those daily saas-bahu sagas? TV Shows are passé! It’s time to ditch the daily soaps and switch over to the Web Series paradise! (Why shouldn’t be, after all, the Web Series producers are always experimenting something different, always!) These tailor made Series are super super appealing and logical that it’s truly worth investing your time in! They’re the new rage and talk of the town for obvious reasons—trust me!

They’re mainly focused on youth as they can relate their life with them. Jaw dropping storyline, short episodes, thrilling suspense, great concepts and what not? But the daily soaps have the cliché content going on for years and years which is way too negative and today’s youth want to bring a change in the stereotype thinking of people and prefer in doing something out of the box! The Web Series have a great message to convey in the end, too!

Here are the Probedope’s current favourite Web Series!

1. The Pitchers

Image Source: Flirtykings

For all the future entrepreneurs, please do watch this one! ‘Bhai, Tu Beer Hai?’ this goes to each one of US who wants to chase their dreams. We unequivocally recommend this as the best series from the lot. A group of four pass outs who quit their jobs to start their own venture!

P.S: Don’t expect any kya, kya, moments in this series—Yay!

2. The Tripling

Image Source: static1.tvfplay.com

Well, let’s agree, All siblings are close to heart and true partners in crime !! Ever thought of going on a road trip with them, watch it out and we’re sure you’ll fall in love the characters Chanchal, Chitvan and Chandan! They embark on a road trip that is filled with adventures, misadventures and some emotions, too!

3. Band Baaja Baraat

Image Source: YashrajFilms

It’s a delightfully light and hilarious exploration of what happens when the couple decides to get married, And introduce each other’s parents three days before the marriage! So, BBB is a fizzy and well written show with oodles of cute-sy humour!!

4. It’s NOT that Simple

Image Source: i0.wp.com

Undoubtedly, Swara Bhaskar is one the best versatile actress. This short and sweet Series is about an unhappy marriage which becomes a burden in no less time, the moment she finds a perfect affair! It’s not simple, is it?

5. Man’s World

Image Source: static.moviecrow.com

Isn’t the name interesting? Imagine if the world was opposite between the men and women of society? Baffled and excited? It’s not just amazing, in fact, BANG ON—When the females are the dominating gender and he’s facing the issues faced by the women in the society!

6. Baked

Image Source: Freepressjournal

It follows the life of 3 Delhi University students who have opened a midnight food delivery service to put their free time to good use. It’s an absolute treat to watch, so just don’t miss it! (Be ready to miss your college days!!)

When’re you watching them?

Watch them now and Thank us later!

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