7 Signs He Is The Guy For You, So Just Don’t Let Him Go!

“There are too many mediocre things in life and love shouldn’t be one of them!”

Hello Dearies,

Falling in love is a passionate and beautiful feeling nearly everyone out there gets to experience it at some point. Of course, it is hard to tell when a guy is F-a-l-l-i-n-g in LOVE with you. Because men can be eminently confusing. But the upshot is they just can’t hide their feelings super well. As its a whole bunch of other stuff that determines whether he’s the one for you or not! Marrying the wrong man could mean a lifetime of suffering.

So why not look out for grand gestures?

If your mind and soul make it a point to scream ‘THIS GUY IS FOR YOU’ at least once a day, then you know you’ve found your Mr.Right!

(Or may be, he is right next to you. But you don’t know if he feels the same way, too!)

Have no fear…Ladies, because Probedope brings you some undeniable signs to truly know if he is one for you!

1. You’re Always His Priority

Just like his closed ones, he gives you a position of importance in his life. If he chooses to see you rather than spend time with his friends you know things are going well! He’s always willing to adjust his schedule to fit in time with you ‘Aaaaww’

(Most of his plans include you & he makes it a point that you never feel left out!)



2. He Gives You Valuable Advice

He always refers to you as ‘WE’. Out of all the people, he truly knows you the BEST. He’s your well wisher. If you’re stuck up somewhere. His precious advice will always push you to work harder & achieve your dreams because he wants to see you succeed at whatever you’re doing!



3. He Fights For The Relationship

If a man loves a woman, he’ll take your priorities and preferences into account as well.He never takes you for granted or gives up when the time gets tough.

(In short, He doesn’t just talk to talk, he walks the walk!)



4. He Knows You Inside Out

Uuugghhh why is it so hard to admit, he knows everything about you? Lol, don’t worry admit it NOW. He knows your deepest fears, aspirations, secrets and just everything. If he can accept the differences of opinions and discussions & almost never turns them into arguments. He’s definitely worth holding on to!

(Don’t worry BABE, he’s never going to judge you!)



5. He Really Makes An Effort With Your Friends & Family

Yes, he knows they’re are important to you & thus, he tries his best to get along with them. He’s always present in all the get together’s and genuinely enjoys hanging out with them!

(After all, they mean the world to you!)



6. It’s About The Little Things

Yes Ladies, Right from your fave food to fave ice cream to fave cuisine he knows it all. Your all time cheerleader to motivator. Having someone to keep you positive during life’s hardest challenges is important If your man knows how to make you smile and lift you up. Then he’s the one for YOU!

(P.S: He’s your 3 am friend, too!)



7. He Talks About The Future With You

If he makes long term plans with you or jokes about what you guys would be like 10 years from now, he’s indirectly stating that he has no intention of letting you go!

( P.S: You’re his present, future and forever!)


Congratulations, You’ve Found The Perfect Guy For You!

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Post Author: Aditi Ahuja Rajpal

Aditi Ahuja Rajpal
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