8 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Guy BFF

Relationships are complicated, right? Well, but wait friendship is not! Yes, imagine you’ve that one guy friend who is always with you through your thick & thin,  Aaawww!

Have you seen Harry Potter & Hermione? Or Aditi & Bunny in YJHD? Or Anjali & Rahul in KKHH? We’ve always loved them!

Every girl truly loves her daddy king and hubby prince. No one can take their place as it’s the fact that the dads, husbands/ boyfriends are always there for us! But one more person they always need in their life is ‘A Guy BFF’—For they can make your life much easier to deal with!

So in short, they’re a honest truth teller, an insider’s guide to men, the protecter and a lifetime buddy!

(P.S: A big NO to all the wannabe’s there!)


Believe us people, girls and guys can be best friends, too!

Here’re the reasons why every girl needs a Guy BFF in her life:

I. Their oh-so-amazing Advice

Yes, all the girls please take a note. Guy friends will always have your back, no matter what. They never want to see you upset & are very protective. Also, they’re a less drama to deal with. After all, they know what guys think and can handle all the mixed signs from your crush, too!


IIYour ‘Forever Buddy’ in all the plans

Yes, they’re the most priced possessions of every girls life. ‘Nobody is giving me company for the movie!”, Chal Chai peene chale? They’re the forever buddies in all your instant plans!

(Also, you can chat with them about everything & anything—Without any fear of they judging you!)


IIIYour 24*7 Bodyguards

Ofcourse, you can not call your Big Brother in all your fights—Chillax and take a chill pill. He’ll protect you from all the dirty group fights & also from other guys who has bad intentions—you’ll feel secure with them, as they will give you the right confidence boost & pick you up in the worst time!


IVThey can always be your trustworthy ‘My Diary’

“Acha.. Wo tere saath hain, Beta, Dhyan Rakhna Tu uska!”. Your parents trust him the most & have no issues if you’re hanging out with him. You can share all your feelings  & he knows how to cheer you up! Right from career discussions to personal life—you can do all sort of conversations with him!

( He is your that 3 am friend with whom the conversations just flows & your all secrets are safe with him!)


VGBF are perfect Partners-In-Crime

Wanna do any adventure this weekend? Bored of your girl friends get together—then hit on the couch with your GBF & make a list of all the adventures—No doubt, he is the perfect date to chill with.

Bonus: With him, calories don’t matter—you can binge on your fave food everyday & can have alcohol parties freely with him.


VIHe gets your inner dude out and knows how to handle your tantrums

With him, there is no fluff & misunderstanding in any conversation. He’s a perfect mind reader & you don’t owe any silly explanations to him. He won’t pollute your mind with negativity & just won’t agree to what you say—he’s more concerned with the truth & knows very well how to make you understand! Also, you don’t have to censor yourself around him!!


VIIA perfect love-hate relationship

You’ll fight the most with him, but also you’ll cuddle him the most! Your fights with him won’t last for a longer time. Their advices and compliments are always genuine—When they say it, they mean it.

P.S: They offer a different vibe & energy.


VIIIThey will ensure you’ve a Best BF

Yes, since he’s a man he understands other men, too. He knows who’s a jerk & who’s a keeper for lifetime. They’ll try to search the best match for you who’ll keep you happy always. Also, he’ll fight for you & stand up for you because he can’t tolerate anybody hurting you!


Cheers to all the ‘Guy BFF’s’!

Do these points remind you of your GBF?

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Post Author: Aditi Ahuja Rajpal

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