Best Among The Best: Top Unusual Pizza You Need To Try Asap!

“Pizza is Bae” this three words are enough to describe the love for pizza all around us. We love pizza, no matter what size, what color and what toppings it has but there are few of those which taste better than the other one and today we are going to list some of those pizza which you might have not tried but will soon get a place in your favorite food list.

1. S’mores pizza

Image Source: sixsistersstuff

One of the famous american sweet snacks used to make one of the most popular Italian food in the world. Now that’s a combination you won’t dare to miss.

For Recipe: Sixsistersstuff


2. Taco Pizza

Image Source: tmbi

Tacos and pizza together, can this world get any better?

For Recipe: Tasteofhome


3. Cookies ‘n’ Creme Dessert Pizza

Image Source: staticflickr

Your favorite ice cream flavor as  pizza topping. The name itself is enough to lure you to try the same.

For Recipe: Girlversusdough


4. Pizza in a Mug

Image Source: biggerbolderbaking

Why just use new toping’s only? This pizza gives pizza a whole new look but it still taste the same. Like love.

For Recipe: Biggerbolderbaking


5. Rainbow Veggie Flatbread Pizza

Image Source: gimmesomeoven

Can a pizza look any better? Like seriously?

For Recipe: Gimmesomeoven


6. Butter Paneer Pizza

Image Source: cookwithmanali

The favorite Punjabi dish on top of a Italian bread. Food makes the world one.

For Recipe: Cookwithmanali

The list can go on and on as it’s hard to choose which is the best among the best food in the world. But the above are some which deserves to be tasted at least once. Do your taste buds a favour and taste these lip-smacking pizza toppings asap.

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