Best Fantasy – Sci-Fi Movies To Binge Watch This Weekend

Movies are filled with fantasies and things which are beyond real and sometimes those are the things which make the movies as good as they become.

Aliens visiting the planet earth, natural calamities hitting the world in more than one ways and monstrous animals going on hunt to kill humans are some of the plot lines which not only drives large number of audiences to the cinema but has also produced some brilliant movies in recent times. Here are some movies which are the example of the same.

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

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Undoubtedly one of the most amazing action movies of the recent time Mad Max: Fury Road takes the entire Mad Max series to a whole new level. The movie has everything from mind-boggling action scenes to a gripping storyline. If you haven’t already watched this masterpiece than you can’t call yourself a movie geek.

2. World War Z

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Brad Pitt fighting against the Zombies is a treat to watch. The movie revolves around how brad tries to protect his family first and the world later as the virus that turns the humans into zombies Spreads all around the globe.

3. Train to Busan

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Imagine yourself traveling in a train full of Zombies, scary isn’t it? The movie is a story about a father who tries to save his daughter and other passengers from zombies with the help of fellow passengers when they travel to Busan in one of the most thrilling train rides of all time

4. Spectral

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Released on Netflix this movie is a masterpiece in his very own way. Army fighting against a human experiment which went wrong. It’s one of the most underrated action/sci-fi movie of all time which you cannot afford to miss.

5. Battleship

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Probably one of the best army movies of the recent times, Battleship is something which everyone who loves aliens and army should watch. As the aliens attacks the world, Japan and US’s navy come together to protect the world from coming to the end.

These were some of the movies which takes fantasy and imagination in film making to a whole new level. There are few more of those movies which you can watch this coming weekend.

6. The Great Wall

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7. Pacific Rim

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8. Real Steel

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