Best Places To Get High At!

Good music, great Company and a glass of your favourite drink, makes the weekend what it is supposed to be, “Fun filled”.  We all need a day in the week where we can hang with our buddies and nothing is better than a good bar with some quality booze. Here is the list of the bars where you can lay your shoulders down and relax while you enjoy the weekend in the best way possible.

1. Dome, Mumbai

Dome is serene, taking the sky bar concept to a whole new level with the comfort and the view this bar is the place where you should plan your next date with that special someone. With the view of marine drive and the sounds of waves the place gets more beautiful as the night progresses.

Source: TripAdvisor

2. Over The Moon, Hyderabad 

As the name suggest the bar gives an over the moon drinking experience to you. Having some classics and some of their own original new drinks in their menu along with some delicious food makes this bar a must visit place.

Source: Over The Moon

3. Tamasha, New Delhi

We cannot skip Delhi when we are talking about alcohol and having alcohol in Delhi is much better when have it at Tamasha. This bar is spacious having different seating arrangements and different sections such as bar, hookah lounge and so on. What makes it more beautiful is the Punjabi feel you have when you’re inside the modern truck bar.

Source: Zomato

4. Pebble, Bangalore

At times we not only need to have alcohol but we also want to get away from all the trouble in the city and go somewhere where we not only can have our favourite booze but can also be at peace around mother nature. And this beach themed bar/night club is all what you need to do so. With some tongue smacking drinks and food along with good music and serene environment this bar gives you life away from your life.

Source: Zomato

5. Black Sheep Bistro, Goa

We cannot talk about bars if we don’t mention Goa. Goa trips basically stands for Going for Alcohol and we all know that. There are a lot of bars and beaches around it which is the main reason which makes goa as famous at is. Located in Panaji, this bar is one of the top bars not only in goa but around India. The bar not only serve some great wines and innovative cocktails but it also has some great cuisine making it a complete package for the guest.

Source: What’s Up Goa 

6. Bar Palladio, Jaipur

Located in one of the most royal cities of the country this bar is nothing short of a palace. With the interior that makes you realize that you’re in the city of palace and the colour combination which is as soothing to the eyes as the drinks served on table, this bar defines what ambience and comfort feels like. We all love Jaipur and if you didn’t like it before than this bar is just what you didn’t knew about.

Source: A Couture Life

We know alcohol doesn’t need a place to be what it is, “awesome”. But having a comfortable sofa to sit on and hearing some good music while you eat some globally renown dishes with your favourite drink in your hand makes the night much more memorable and the above bars have all the things a bar needs to make you have a good time.


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