Best Stand-Up Videos Of Indian Comedians To Turn Your Day From Bad To Good

As the great Charlie Chaplin rightly said ” A day without Laughter is a day wasted” and wasting a day is not a good thing to do at all.

Laughing makes things better and there are many things in which you can laugh about but when you’re feeling down and there is not much which can brings dimples on your faces instead of those wrinkles then you can always turn to some of the best Stand-up Comedians on YouTube who will surely turn your bad day into the good one.

There are plenty of Stand-up Comedians on YouTube and it’s hard to decide as who one to watch and who to not watch as both time and those Megabytes are very much priceless. And hence we bring you the top Stand-up Videos which you can watch on loop whenever you feel like there is nothing else which can make you feel better.


1. Haq Se Single By Zakir Khan

The ultimate #SakhtLaunda talks about rejection, adulthood, heartbreaks and how being single is his right and choice. An ultimate one hour comedy special which every guy can relate to.

Here is a small clip from the special:


2. EIC: The Song Series

One of the most popular Comedian groups of India and probably the best one has some of the best stand-up videos which you can watch day in and out. One of the latest series of these group is the songs which are they putting out on various issues and people of India. Go watch them, it’s some serious fun.

Here is one of the best song from the series:


3. Abhishek Upmanyu

Probably one of the most desi guy in the comedy scene of India, this delhi boy in this small clip of his talks about Delhi, Mumbai and Rich People in most hilarious way possible.


4. Vipul Goyal

Pakistan has been talking all its life as how Kashmir belongs to Pakistan and not India. Both the countries have tried to come to many solutions for the issue but nothing has worked. Vipul in this 5 minute video gives a solution which will put this problem to an end permanently. Just sell Kashmir to Pakistan, but can afford it?


5. Varun Thakur

Varun Thakar or as his fellow foreign classmate called him (Vroon Thakur) talks about what an Indian student goes through when he or she goes abroad for studies and it’s so damn on point.


6. Aditi Mittal

Probably the finest female comedian of India talks about the difficulty which a woman has to go through while she goes bra shopping in a fun way. A must watch for all the ladies out there.


7. EIC: EIC Vs Bollywood 

This EIC Vs Bollywood special by East India Comedy is fun of the funniest take on Bollywood you’ll ever come across. In this they talk about worst movies, worst songs and many other things happening in our beloved Bollywood.

Here’s the clip where Angad Singh Ranyal of EIC talks about the so in talk breakup of Hrithik and Kangana.


This are some videos which will surely turn your bad day into a good one and Insure that your day as the dose of happiness which it needs and deserves.


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