Best Ways To Travel For Almost Free!

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‘Traveling leaves you speechless.. Then turns you into a Storyteller!’

Life is long and so are our travel goals. Even your travel bucket list is six feet longer? Definitely, we travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us! Travelling makes you feel good to be lost in the right direction. ‘Main udhna chahta hu, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hu, bus rukna Nahi chahta!’ I’m sure there’s a little hidden Ranbir Kapoor in all of US who’s dying to chase the dreams!

(After all, ‘Yeh Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara!’)

Schlep around the world like a nomadic traveler!

YAY, we assure you it’s very much possible!

Here’s a head start on some of the best ways on how to travel for almost free!

1. Join The Peace Corps

How? Experience a new culture at the grass root levels. Anyone can apply over here—No age bar. It offers two years travel opportunities to various regions such as Asia and South America. You can work there and can earn, too.

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2. Go Workaway

How? It aims to promote cultural understanding between different people of the world—Great isn’t it? Travel cheaply and stay for free. The culture exchange and learning will help out in exchange for food. The cost is 29 euros for a couple or two friends for two years.

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3. We Roam

How? It is a program that takes a group of 50-100 workers and digital nomads on a trip round for world, working and living in a new city each month. They provide logistics of travel, shared workspace and accommodation. The cost is monthly $2000 and down payment for 12-months $5000.

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4. Remote Experience 

How? This program is almost a duplicate of Remote Year—Right from the name to branding AND even the founders story! It brings together 30 remote professionals. You can join for 4, 8 or 12 months. Accommodation, workspace and transportation will be taken care of! The cost is down-payment $3000—Monthly $1750.

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5. Terminal 3

How? It’s a 3 to 6 months adventure program where you’ll get a chance to travel six different countries in six months. They take around 30 applicants from around the world. Destinations are Morocco, Berlin, Budapest, Thailand, Bali, etc. Full accommodation and travel between destination and yoga classes are included. The cost is upfront fee of $2000 and a monthly fee of $1750.

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6. Hacker Paradise

How? This company organizes trips all around the world for designers, developers and entrepreneurs who wants to travel and focus on personal projects. Destinations are Bali, Thailand, Barcelona, Tokyo, etc. Full accommodation, travel between destination, reliable internet is included.

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7. Venture With Impact

How? Work and travel with purpose. It is for diverse professionals who live and travel in a country abroad for a month or longer. From accommodation to cultural activities with high speed internet is arranged by them. Participants work remotely for their jobs in every location. Destinations are Thailand, Peru, Colombia, etc.

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When’re you planning to join any of them?

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