Brave & Beauteous: This Pragmatic Makeover Of Indian Deities Is Definitely Worth Seeing & We Loved It!

Divinity & our belief in the God give us peace, happiness, prosperity & positivity. Also, it teaches us to respect all the fellow beings. But how come we judge & differentiate people on the basis of their complexion?

Why’re people so obsessed with the fair skin?

Another surprising fact in a country like India where all the people are blessed with human skin complexions. How is it that our Gods & Goddess supposed to be so fair?

(Even in The Ramayan & Mahabharata!)

We truly respect that The Gods & Goddess have taken different forms according to the mythologies but have you ever in your dreams thought of they getting a makeover?

Well, yes!

The Chennai Based Film Makers Naresh Nil & Bhardwaj Sundar breaks the barrier about the fairness of skin & challenging the obsession of the society! All thanks to the two creative minds who broke the notion of white is associated with holier-than-thou!

As stated on the Facebook page Naresh Nil Photography , the purpose is simple:

“By depicting Gods we revere as dark-skinned, this initiative aims to celebrate a different view of their divinity, serenity and all pervasive beauty by going beyond perceptions. Dark is not just beautiful, but divine.”

This striking enchanting photo shoot will leave you in Awe!

1. Goddess Lakshmi

The Hindu Goddess Of wealth & Beauty. She is splendiferous as the sun & brings spiritual prosperity who solicit her grace.

Naresh Nil Photography/Facebook


2. Goddess Durga

She is an embodiment of Shakti who overcome the evils of the world. Known as ‘Divinely Mother’—She protects the mankind from all the problems.

Naresh Nil Photography/Facebook


3. Goddess Saraswati

She is the light of knowledge, peace & hope. Her blessings helps us achieve knowledge & wisdom.

Naresh Nil Photography/Facebook


4. Lord Shiva

What first comes your mind? He is boundless with no beginning & end! Here he is portrayed as dark skinned—The Creator, The Destroyer & The Preserver Of the Universe.

Naresh Nil Photography/Facebook


5. Bala Murugan

He is a form of Lord Subrahmanyam depicted as dark skinned his serenity & simplicity is clearly reflected.

Naresh Nil Photography/Facebook


6. Mother Sita With Her Sons Lav & Kush

Celebrate a different view of the divinity & serenity. Mother Sita with The Royal Twins are surrounded by calm & peace.

Naresh Nil Photography/Facebook


7. Bala Krishna

Miracles happen when you hold his hand! He is portrayed as dark skinned here. Have you seen the innocence with which he sees the pot of butter?

Naresh Nil Photography/Facebook


How beautifully the models have portrayed the Indian Deities!

Praises to Naresh & Bhardwaj for this concept!


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