Love Is In The Air: EveryThing You Need To Know About ‘Virushka Ki Shaadi!’

#VirushkaIsNowOfficial  They met.. they fall in love..they hid it from the world & then the adorable couple went on tie the knot in a dream wedding!’ 2017 has come to an end and this good news of Virat Kohli -The Cricket Team Captain & Anushka Sharma—The Bollywood’s Leading Lady have created a great buzz & […]

One For The One From 90’s: Best TV Shows To remind You Of Your Childhood.

To say that shows then was better than shows now is an understatement. From shows like Hum Paanch to cartoons like Tom and Jerry, television was a lot better those days. We are sorry but we can’t bring back does days but we sure can let you remind of them which made your and our […]

Brand Wars: Best Of Comparative Advertising

The new Samsung Galaxy Note commercial is out and is absolutely roasting apple’s iPhone at a whole new level. Comparing your product with the product of competitors in advertisements is something which is very successful and has been used quite a number of times by many companies. Today we are going to have look at […]

Best Fantasy – Sci-Fi Movies To Binge Watch This Weekend

Movies are filled with fantasies and things which are beyond real and sometimes those are the things which make the movies as good as they become. Aliens visiting the planet earth, natural calamities hitting the world in more than one ways and monstrous animals going on hunt to kill humans are some of the plot […]

Best Series To Watch On Netflix!

Planning for a friends get together this weekend? Wanna see some new series with your partner tonight? Getting bored? Answer to everything is Netflix, Netflix and Netflix! Like if you haven’t still got the subscription done, you need to do it ASAP! (P.S: For an affordable price of Rs.200 per month (4 screen Rs. 800), […]

6 Best Web Series You Need To See Right Now.!

Caution: You’ll Get Addicted! Hello Fellas, Are you bored with those daily saas-bahu sagas? TV Shows are passé! It’s time to ditch the daily soaps and switch over to the Web Series paradise! (Why shouldn’t be, after all, the Web Series producers are always experimenting something different, always!) These tailor made Series are super super […]

Must Visit Places To Witness Navratri Celebration This Year!

Hello Tribe, Navratri 2017 is hardly a few days away—Are you  peeps excited? The beautiful Ganesh Chaturthi merrymaking just got over and now it’s time to enjoy ‘Navratri festival. A celebration of divine feminine’ with great solemnity and show! Nav means nine and Ratri elucidates nights. From prettifying the houses to dancing on garba tunes. […]