Healthy And Delicious Detox Smoothies For Weight Loss!

‘The greatest wealth is health!’ So true! Taking care of your health is very important, right? We all love doing heavy workout and following extensive strict diet, But we do need to take care, that the bodies need detoxing too! So Ladies, put down the bronzer andthe blush on—all you need for the perfect healthy […]

Lay Out An Impressive Spread With Our Favourite Diwali Treats!

Diwali with full glory is on its way—La,La,La! Fellas, Has the Diwali shopping started? And what about the best Rangoli design to be made? And the list goes on and on, Diwali holds a lot of prominence in the Hindu Religion & Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped with great magnificence and pomp on this auspicious day. […]

6 Best Flavorsome Street Food Places In Surat For All The Foodies

Hello Fellas, There is an old saying about  SURAT, The Diamond City, that “Dine in Surat AND Die in Kaashi!”  for the ultimate escapade of the soul—Well, this is so true. If you’re a foodie—Surat is for sure a Paradise for YOU! The yummilicious street food available here will flabbergast you!! Surat can never disappoint […]