Feeling Low? Get Your Hands On This Must Reads To Feel Positivity Around!

“You Can Find Magic Wherever You Look. Sit Back & Relax—All You Need Is A Book!”

Well said, after all reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body! Also, at times we lose ourselves in books and sometimes we find ourselves there, too! Everyone is looking for inner peace as they’re caught up in their hectic schedules. Staying positive not only keeps you happy, it of course changes the way you Look life!

(Like after watching Dear Zindagi—You must have realised why loving your life is important, too!)

It made us feel the importance of gratitude our life. Instead of things we don’t have, we should focus on the things we have and in no time, you’ll feel the happiness you’re searching outside, is actually in you!

Everyone is a reader, some might just haven’t found their fave book yet—Wanna know our favourites? Then you’ve come at the right place!

(We’re sure these books could bring a  lot of positivity in your life!)

One, Two, Go!

1. The Secret


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Its an Oldie, but still a Goldie!

No wonder, this book has garnered world attention and sparked a global awakening. Peeps, the secret to stay happy is gratitude. We should be thankful for everything what’s happening in our life—Good or bad. This book says a lot about Law Of Attraction, too. Also, it mentions ‘You Can Create Your Life—The Universe will support you!’. A must must read.

2. The Power Of Positive Thinking

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The wisdom shared by this most famous book is simple yet profound. Norman Vincent Peale not only motivates us, but has helped billions of people to have full faith in everyday actions. You’ll feel awesome after reading this—We bet you!

3. The Charge

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A book by Brendon Burchard will teach you how to embrace challenges, chaos and changes in life. Charge up your life and the way you think by reading this. Discover yourself in the every possible way you can and spread positivity wherever you go! We would love to hear how you feel after reading this book?

4. The Four Agreements

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Ready To Make These agreements on your life? And we’re sure you’ll end up changing your perspective! This life changing book and the mantras in it come from the native people of Southern Mexico. You’re sure to feel pure bliss after reading this. The mindset you change now is sure to pay you off in the future—Ready for the change?

5. You Can Heal Your Life

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A book by Louis Hay—Will not only make you love your life, but will open up a whole new world for you. This magical book has work for millions of people. It focuses on the relationship between mind, health and body. This practise self-help guide will change the way you think forever!

6. Outliers—The Story Of Success

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Wanna get to the road of success? This one is for you! Every one has problems, it’s the way how you change your mind and deal with the coming situations! This popular timeless classic gives you a glance into the successful stories of some notable and famous characters. Have you ever been imagined why some people are more successful ? This book is the answer to all your questions—Get Positive, Get Going!

Which one is your favourite? Pick your fave one and get going on how to be positive all the time!  

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