Kill the heat this summer with these Non-Alcoholic drinks.

Summer, probably the most loved and most hated season of the all is here and we are sure you all are preparing yourself for it in one or another way. It’s contradicting when I say the most loved and most hated in one sentence but well some of you might love it because of the sun, beaches and drinks while the rest of you might hate it because of the same.

We can’t make you love summer because we cannot make the sun less hot but we can let you know how to kill the heat and break the ice and that’s to drink! There is nothing better than a good tasting liquid on a hot day of summer going through your throat. Being living in a dry state we cannot have alcohol very easily and how jealous I am of those of you who can have that as and when you want and that’s why we have to look for some other drink which might not be better as booze but it sure does serve the purpose.
Here are some Non-Alcoholic drink you can try this season:

  1. Sparkling Blueberry Lemonade

This new sparkling lemonade gives our lemon juice a different blueberry touch.

You can make a glass for you by clicking here:

2. Non Alcoholic Mimosa

Mix the orange juice you have every day with 7up and you have a whole new and much better drink for the day, life has never been so easy!

You can make a glass for you by clicking here:

3. Copycat Sonic Ocean Water

Let’s get international with this one. If you have ever been to States you would have heard or seen or luckily have been to the famous American fast food chain Sonic. We cannot bring sonic here but we can help you replicate this gorgeous at your home. All you need is some water, sugar and coconut extract and lime soda. Pretty easy right?


Get recipe here:

4. Avengers Party Drinks

First of all, we love avengers we are sure you love them too. From Captain Rogers to Mr Stark to The Hulk all of them has given us some fantastic visuals to eyes but what if we say they can please your stomach and help you beat the heat. Yes you heard it right, so grab a glass of one of those and kill this alienic as an avenger yourself.


You can get your favourite avenger drink here:

5. Pineapple Lemonarita

Pineapple juice is basically the most common juice which we all will have once in a while in the summer. But isn’t it better to give the already delicious drink a whole new taste? A glass of lemonade and some frozen pineapples will do that for you.

Surprise yourself and your family with this twisted pineapple juice by clicking here:

We hope this drinks help you cope up with the heat you’ll be facing in the coming days. For those disappointed by the absence of alcohol, don’t be. We will be bringing you the top places where you can have your favourite booze and get high at. Watch out for it at the same space!


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1 thought on “Kill the heat this summer with these Non-Alcoholic drinks.

    Chintan More

    (March 26, 2017 - 7:01 pm)

    Awesome Information..Something New then usual drinks..

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