Make Time To See – The Top 10 Upcoming Events In 2018 Across World!

Ready To Fuel Your Wanderlust?

Make your 2018–A Year To Remember!

Know what’s going on where, when, why? And how to make the most of it?

Ready to swap your hectic routines and holidays for something a little more challenging & adventurous? Then we’ve a good news for you!!

From ultimate cultural experience to glamour of a film festival to the sheer joy of a music festival. These events are guaranteed to leave you with an incredible buzz and  a massive sense of achievement.

Still have extra vacation days & nowhere to go? Not to worry, make space for these unmissable events around the world for inspiration across the spectrum!

Stay Calm & Scroll Down For The Best Festivals, The World Has To Offer!

1. Sundance Film Festival


One of the North America’s most famous independent festival. Imagine the rebellious film directors, who do not want to play by Hollywood Rules! Are you prepared for this experience? For all the powerful movie lovers—Sundance is just for you!

Where: Park City Utah, USA

When: 18 January to 28 January 2018


2. Rio Carnival


The Carnival in Rio De Janeiro is a world famous festival held before lent every year and guess what, it’s the biggest Carnival in the world with two million attendees per day on the streets. Feathers, rainbows and gold the Carnival is a lifetime experience to watch! Imagine—The city comes to a standstill during these days.

Where: Rio De Janeiro—Brazil

When: 9th To 14th February 2018


3. Sky Lantern Festival


This festival originated in the Xing Dynasty, more than two thousand years ago. These lanterns have two purposes: First, they display scribbled messages of the hopes and dreams. Second, the end of Chinese New Year Period and embracing the future.

Where: Pingxi—Taiwan

When: 2nd March 2018


4. Kings Day


It’s a crazy fun celebration in Amsterdam on every year April 27th which is the King’s birthday. It’s a festival bound to bring smile on everyone’s face.

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

When: 27th April 2018


5. Holi


This colourful festival is known for its vibrant display of colour and beautiful meaning of unity. Mostly celebrated on the streets with loud music & it is truly a spectacular to behold for a foreign visitor.

Where: Delhi, Mumbai, India.

When: 2nd March 2018


6. La Tomatina


This festival takes place in the Spanish Mediterranean town of Bunol. It’s a crazy festival where small trucks go inside the town with kilos & kilos of tomatoes. It attracts tourist from all around the world especially Britain, US & Japan. Definitely, this messy fiesta is so much fun!

Where: Bunol, Spain

When: 29th August 2018


7. Cannes Film Festival


This International Film Festival is all about new films of all genres, including documentaries from around the world. It’s a glamorous affair filled with fashion & glitz where you’ll be stunned to see every celebrity dressed in the best of the attire.

Where: Cannes, France

When: 9th To 20th May 2018


8. Tomorrowland


Have you ever dreamt of being there? This ultimate EDM festival is held in Belgium and every music lover should surely attend this. The extravagance of this festival with the top DJs like Tiesto, Hard well, Afrojack, David Guetta are just some of the big names that perform every year! Plus, you’ll also get a chance to meet new people from across the globe great, isn’t it!

Where: Boom, Belgium.

When: 27th To 29th July 2018


9. Diwali


This ‘Festival Of Lights’ last for almost a week. It’ all about meeting your relatives, exchanging gifts, fireworks, burning diyas and lanterns—Wow, we’ve already got the festive vibes! Cities are incredibly crowded & amazingly decorated with lights everywhere. But the atmosphere is truly magnificent!

Where: Mumbai, India.

When: 19th To 23rd October & 6th To 10th November 2018


10. Just For Laughs


For all the comedy lovers—This one is for you! The best Comics have been a part of this event, too.

Where: Montreal, Canada

When: 16th To 30th July


And there you have it!

Which one are you planning to hit on the coming year?


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