One For The One From 90’s: Best TV Shows To remind You Of Your Childhood.

To say that shows then was better than shows now is an understatement. From shows like Hum Paanch to cartoons like Tom and Jerry, television was a lot better those days.

We are sorry but we can’t bring back does days but we sure can let you remind of them which made your and our childhood as awesome as it was.

Here are some of the shows which ruled the television and the heart of the audience on those days. We can’t re-watch them on TV but thank god there are tools like YouTube and Netflix now.

1. Dekh Bhai Dekh (1993-1994)

A Hindi sitcom which premiered on Doordarshan Channel revolving around three generation of the Diwan family. The show takes the family through relationship troubles, business promblems, irksome parents, and in-laws. A must watch for every generation.



2.  Hum Paanch ( 1995-2006)

One of the most popular show of that time which first aired in 1995 and ran until 1999 and second season came in 2005. Hum Paanch is the story of a middle class white collar worker, Anand Mathur who always finds himself in trouble because of his five daughters. A show which shows how life of Paanch pandavs be if they were females.



3. Shaktiman (1997-2005)

Shaktiman is to India what Captain America is to USA, The first and the only likeable Indian superhero from the television series named the same. Rumors have been around for the sequel and movie of Shaktiman which we aren’t sure of but we assure you that watching it again is going to be much better than what you watch today on your entertainment box.



4. Tu Tu Main Main (1994-2000)

A show featuring the story of a Bossy mother in law and a equally dominant daughter in law but in a hilariously different way.



5. Aahat (1995-2015)

A horror show like no other that revolves around stories related to paranormal activities, supernatural elements and horror entities.



6. Alif Lala (1993-1997)

The legacy of the Arabian nights told in the form of exciting, enthralling stories, packed with great morals, amazing character, accompanied by flying carpets, magic lamps, fairies and more.



7. Vikram Aur Betaal 

It was a telivison programme that aired on DD national. The series contained stories from Indian mythology that aim at teaching kids life lessons while entertaining them. The concept of the program was based on Baital Pachisi, a collection of tales about the legendary king Vikram.



There are many more shows that can be included in the list which are better than the shows which we normally show on TV today but it’s hard to mention all those. For now let us enjoy the few of the best.

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