Please your sweet tooth: Dessert that are worth the calories.

Dessert is to food what book is to library. We all love desserts and we cannot get enough of it. Be it the simple plain Vanilla ice cream or be it the cheesecake. Be it the Indian Rasmalai or Egyptian Basbousa, we love them all. We know it might not be the most “good to eat” for all the fitness freaks out there but they are worth the extra calorie you get from them

It’s hard to choose best desserts when desserts itself are the best but we have tried to put together some of those which will be new but will give the same satisfaction which you expect a dessert to give.

  • Chocolate Lasagna

Lasagna, probably one of the most popular Italian food after pizza gets a whole new taste and look in this creative and unbelievably delicious dessert.  Made with your favourite Oreo’s, whipped cream and a lot of chocolate chips this casserole of sweetness will likely be your favourite form of lasagna once you have it.

Get chocolaty and Italian here:

  • Nutella Mousse

A jar of Nutella is what happiness looks like and what is better than having Nutella in a way you would have never thought before. Made with just three ingredients this dish will win your lazy self over with the easy to make and good to eat experience that it will provide you.

Make yourself a glass of mousse here:

  • Fried Ice Cream

A fried dessert, weird right? And on top of it a fried ice cream, much more weird. Fried food is something we all crave for and ice cream is basically the dessert which we can eat all day long and what happens when we combine both of them together is what they call magic.

Made with vanilla ice cream and cookies or you can replace it with the flavour you want, fried along with cereals and topped with cherries, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, this treat of fried sweetness is all you need after a long tiring day.

Fry your scoop of happiness here:

  • No Bake Banana Split Dessert

Banana is known for being a key ingredient in some of the most delicious desserts and this one probably tops the list. Made with graham crackers, butter and fruits like banana, pineapple and cherry on the top adding to the deliciousness and look of the dish in all.

Making this might be a bit more tricky then the other dishes we have talked about but it’s worth to give a shot. Find the recipe here:

  • Cheesecake Bites

Merging cheesecake and walnut together while giving both a whole new look, this dessert is something which can add to your plating in your next dinner. Made with the combination of graham crackers, melted butter and walnut (can be replaced by pecans) this dessert has great mixture of softness and crunchiness while the nuts adds to the flavour in every bite.

Make your dinner look fancier by getting the recipe from here:


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