Purvi Sancheti: Teaching Art of Reading More Than Just Letters.


We all know that every word has a meaning no matter how obscure the word is but not only the word but how a particular word or a letter for instance is written has a meaning too.

It’s very hard to read people and to figure what sort of personality they hold but Graphology makes it a bit easy for you. Crazy it may sound but how you write a particular word, how much pressure you put to write a particular letter and the slant on your writing tells a hell lot about you then you can ever imagine. For instance a right slanting handwriting suggest that the writer is very sociable and friendly person white the left slanting one suggest that he or she is the sort of person who likes keeping things to himself/herself and is not the kind of person who opens up to everyone easily.


Beside the slant there are a lot of things in handwriting which a graphologist can use to predict someone and a single article won’t be good enough to teach you all that. But we are going to show you a much better way to learn this very interesting and revealing art to know your friends, family or anyone and to make a career out of it.

Purvi Sancheti, a graphologist herself is going to share her knowledge and art of graphology with all of you from 8th of the August. She will be teaching you about how someone’s writing can help us to predict his/her personality and how you can predict the difference between two individuals by just comparing the way they scribe alphabets.


Purvi will be offering two types of courses from which you can choose upon. First is the Basic Course in which she will teach about Slants, Pressures, zones and Alphabets, the course will be of 8 days where you’ll get basic training about the covered topics while the second one is Advanced Course which will be 30 day long covering the same topics like the basic course but in a much more detailed manner.

If you’re interested in reading someone’s personality and if you want to make a career in the same field than this is the opportunity cum boost your career desperately needed.

For more information about the course you can contact Purvi Sancheti here:

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Contact Number: 9377229331

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