Shop Paw Friendly: Styling Paws, With love.


As someone rightly said “Fashion is for Everyone” and Purvi Sancheti, a graphologist by profession, a graduate in Mass Communication and a Dog lover and fashionista herself took this statement seriously and what started because love and care for her dog became quite a brilliant business idea.

Purvi got the idea of starting Shop Paw Friendly by her dog Bruno. Bruno like Purvi had the thing for fashion and wanted to look good and that gave purvi an idea that not only helped her to make some bucks but it also helped her to make the paws around the city much more fashionable.

Shop Paw Friendly deals in clothing of both Male and Female dogs and you can find everything from Clothes to accessories for your lovable paws.

We all consider our paws the part of of our family and to make the cute, tiny but important part of your family to look good all you need is Shop Paw Friendly.

They offer a lot of products and the prices of the same ranges between 150 to 2000 INR. For more information about the products and prices you can ping them here:

Name: Purvi Sancheti

Contact Number: 9377229331

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