Still Single? Let’s See What Your Zodiac Sign Reveals About You?

Hello Dearies,

Have you ever been in such situation or faced difficulty in answering these questions?

Dude, No relationship, No Life!

Tu abhi tak Single hain?

Padhai, Likhai To Hoti Rahegi, Relationship Zaroori Hain!

We understand you, completely!

Being super active on all the social networking sites, going on coffee dates with your buddies. But, you’ve always landed up being single, as things don’t work out that great in a  relationship!

Well Don’t be guilty!

Let’s just see, what the stars have to reveal about you?

So all the Single’s out there, Why not fall in love with yourself first on this Valentines Day?

Read on to find out why you haven’t still got your Mr/Mrs Right!!


  • Aries

Dating is never in your priority list Oh No, that’s not done. Life is much more than the rat race, girl! You have hard time compromising & love living life on your terms. Take out some time & get your Love Life going!



  • Taurus

I’m a Taurus & I’m always right. This attitude makes them picky with the friends & the relationship, too. These people just can’t gel up anytime & anywhere! Beware: they judge people very quickly & wait, did we forget to mention that they’re stubborn, too?



  • Gemini

As a Gemini, your life is always complicated! You change your mind at a drop of a hat very unpredictable with your feelings & mood swings. Thus, staying committed with one person is difficult for you. Oh girl, why do you reserve your feelings? Being honest, will rather improve your relationship! So, just give it a chance!



  • Cancer

Cancers love easily & are compassionate by default. You care a lot for people & they may take you for granted. So, why not love yourself & nurture your soul in becoming a better person? Because, if you’re happy, then only you can keep others happy!



  • Leo

Every girl just wants to be a Leo!

The supreme confidence and the charm these people have makes them think they’re the King & Queen. But why settle for less ? When you can find an adventure seeker who’s just as confident and sure as you?



  • Virgo

Oh Mr/Mrs Perfectionist. Virgo’s are very logical and clear about their life. But yes, they over analyse a lot & thus many lovers just can’t handle this!



  • Libra

Why why do you think you don’t deserve true love on this planet earth? Chuck off your past bad experiences & give yourself a second chance!



  • Scorpio

The mysterious personality who has a dark side. Thus, making them complicated like Gemini! Big dreams & fantasy goes hand in hand. Hate Liars & are finicky because they want things their way. Of course, requires a lover who can feed the pampering part, while still being easy going!





  • Sagittarius

Very optimistic and charming but, gets bored very easily. Something exciting and adventurous is needed for them to keep the relationship alive. Another thing they just don’t trust easily, which makes it difficult for the partner to handle!



  • Capricorn

Oh dear, Charmers you’re ambitious, arrogant, futuristic & a bit of selfish, too! A little difficult for the fiercely independent Capricorn to find a long term true love. Because they don’t need anyone in life. Well, take a deep breath and & learn to rely on someone. There’s no harm in having a life partner!



  • Aquarius

Aquarians love spending time with themselves. Their ‘Me Time’ is very important for them. You’re just not comfortable with the feeling of love!

Just chillax give one chance to this wonderful feeling & you’ve the power to create the type of relationship you want!



  • Pisces

You’re the most unselfish people in the world and are perfect dreamers! You have your own dreamworld & are always concerned about the happiness of others. Keep searching for the oh-so-perfect dream boy & you never know when you’ll find him right beside you!



Keep Dating and You Never Know When You’ll Find The Right Person!

 Cheers to Single-Hood!

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Post Author: Aditi Ahuja Rajpal

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