Top Apps To Help You Stay In Shape.

Health is wealth, this saying has been said a billion times but has been rarely followed. In the life filled with work, stress, food and more stress we often tend to neglect our health and fitness and that invites various problems for our body.

People always say that we should always keep track of what we eat, how much we eat and how much we workout to burn the calories we intake. But since we are so busy in our very happening or not so happening life, we forget to do the thing which our body badly needs. But thanks to the developers that there are some awesome applications which you can use to track your day to day activities so that you can make sure to stay in shape even when you’re too busy with your life.

1. Google Fit

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This app is a must have for all of those people who wants to track their workout and be in shape but have no time to do so.

Google fit takes into account all the walking, running and movement your body does and track downs the calories you burn down during the day and hence enabling you to keep a balance between the calories you intake and calories you burn.

2. You are Your Own Gym

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This apps serves the purpose for those people who don’t have enough time or money to go to the gym. With over 200 exercises and video tutorials of the same and the ability to plan your own workout and hence and not giving you a same and monotonous routine everyday this app becomes a perfect working out partner for you.

3. HealthifyMe Weight Loss Coach

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The amount of calories in pizza is different from vada pav, butter and ghee, fried rice and dal chawal. While most of the apps only let you count the calories of this western food HealthifyMe helps you track down the calories available in all the desi food you eat. From poha to pav bhaji this app calculates the calories of all the dishes based on the quantity in which you eat. And you can also sync it with Google Fit and keep your calories intake and calories burnt in check, now that’s something we all wanted!

4. Sworkit 

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Running late for work? Don’t have much time to do a long routine? Sworkit it. Just type in the time you have, the body part on which you want to work on and it will draft you the best routine which you can have for that specific part within the specific time you have hence enabling you to make use of the minimum workout time which you can have.

There are plenty of other fitness apps available in the app market which you can use and motivate yourself to loose those extra kilos. This few apps will make it easy for doing the same, thank us Later but for now download this fat burning apps and finally accomplish the resolution you took years ago.

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