Top apps to make life easy.

Technology drives our life. It may make us a bit lazy but it also make us effective, efficient and fast. There are many technologies which helps us but the one which influence our day to day activities the most is mobile. It not only helps us to connect with our friends and relatives but it also helps us to do all the activities in a much more efficient way.

There are plenty of mobile apps in the market which increases effectiveness and performance of a mobile. Knowing and installing the best apps from this apps market isn’t a easy job but we are going to make it easy for you by listing down the apps which your phone needs.

1. Snapseed

Probably the best photo editing app in the market. Available for both Android and iOS this app provides all the filters and effects absolutely free unlike all other apps in market.

2. Evernote

Keeping notes hasn’t been thus easy before. This app lets you create all your important notes in a better way so you don’t miss out of a think.

3. Google Duo

Voice calling is overrated nowadays, it’s the time of video calling and this app does it better than most of the video calling apps. Using low data and less space google duo allows you to make unobstructed video calls.

4. Swiftkey Keyboard

Brilliant word prediction, improved auto correct system and reduced key stroke. SwiftKey keyboard is your best typing companion. Supporting many international and regional language around the world this apps lets you communicate with your friends and family without any language barrier.


The VSCO cam mobile app is usable on iOS and Android devices, and allows users to capture photos and edit them in different kind of filters and tools.

6. iMovie

Probably best video editing software in market. Available for iOS this appĀ provides all the filters and sound effects even edit name, title etc., unlike all other apps in market.

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