Top PC Games To Play On Your Low End Computers.

We all have been a gamer at one point in our life and some of us are still one. Everyone has played games once, be it on Xbox, PC, mobile or the old school television gaming console.

Today we are going to list down few of those games which you can play on your low end computers without any graphic cards or some major specification requirements.

1. Freedom Fighters


One of the best shooting Third Person Shooting game of all time and of one of our personal favorite, freedom fighter is a much play game for all the gamer out there.

Thrilling game play, captivating story line and good graphics even in the game of such small size makes it top the list.

2.  Need for speed: Most wanted


Do we really need to say anything about this? Probably one of the most played racing game of all time NFS Most Wanted has everything which a gamer likes. A good career mode, challenging challenge series, speed and cops. Everything a good racing game has to offer.

3. IGI


Mission IGI: I’m going In. The best FPS game of its time is one of the best game you can play on your low end PC. Large number of missions, a lot of weapons to choose from and the Russian war environment, the best of the war games.

4. FIFA 11


We love FIFA Yes the new FIFA games are a bit too big for our old Pc’s but this old gem doesn’t disappoint us.

One of the best FIFA games of all time, FIFA 11 runs smoothly on many low end Pc’s. Call your FIFA friend and challenge him for a El clasico or a city derby right away.

5. Enter the Matrix


Yes the famous movie series has a game series too and the action/adventure series is unique in its very own way.

Slow motion action mode, old school action and a continuing story line is something which should keep you hooked on this game.

6. Vicecity


Every one has played this game once or more and if not then he or she can’t call himself a gamer. Illegal action, cheat codes and free street story line makes the game the best time killing and entertaining one of all time.

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