Top Upcoming Gadgets/Technologies To Watch Out For.

As Neil deGrasse Tyson rightly said “Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets”. When we think about future we think about gadgets and technologies that will make our life easy and our work more effective and as we settle into this new year with new possibilities we look forward to some really cool gadgets that will change the way life works right now.

Here are some upcoming gadgets or technologies that the world is keeping an eye on:

1. Frigondas

A microwave that work as a quick freezer? We have been using microwave to bake, cook or reheat our food from years but there hasn’t been any device which can get our food frozen as quickly as the microwave heats it. But here comes Frigondas that work not only as a microwave but also as reverse microwave. Now that is something that a chef in you badly needs.


2. Halberd

Are you one of those who’s not very cautious when it comes to privacy and security and tend to forget to logout from your computer everytime you’re done using it then halberd is the digital lock and key which you need to get your hands on as soon as it comes out.

Halberd sense your absense and logs you out of your computer whenever you leave it. Now isn’t that cool?



3. Proof 

Love to drink but aren’t sure about how much alcohol you have consumed and is it right for you to drive after consuming the same? Proof does the work for you. It senses alcohol through your skin and notifies you when you have consumed one drink too many and it isn’t safe to drive back home yourself.


4. Omron Ping-Pong Playing Robot

Want to play a game of Ping-pong aka table tennis but don’t have a partner? Don’t worry Omron has got a robot to help you out. This ping-pong playing robot keeps the ball in play and matches your ping-pong playing skills to keep the match a fair contest.


5. Kohler Numi Intelligent Toilet

Gadgets are getting smarter so why not your toilet? One of the world’s leading Sanitary brand Kohler is coming with its smart toilet which according to temperature automatically Kickstarts the foot warmer, heated seat, lighting and some music for some obvious reasons.


There are many such cool gadgets and technologies that will be grace the world in upcoming months and we all can’t wait to see what changes those gadgets make in our life.

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